"Ron and Russell Mael had a baby and they named it…  no, not really," Dave Thompson writes in his glowing GOLDMINE magazine review of Cait Brennan's Debutante. We're thrilled at Dave's review and the amazing response from Goldmine readers--here's more!

"The opening “Good Morning and Goodnight” sets the scene, a firestorm of a hook built around the kind of melody that Sparks used to have such a handle on, then embedded into a production that makes you wish every record could sound this loud… this triumphant… this dramatic.  And this measured.

...Brennan skips blithely around the accusations of overkill that normally accompany this kind of dynamic.  Every song gets precisely the amount of welly it deserves, be it the soaring balladeering of “Dear Arthur”; the Jam-like swagger of “Madame Pompadour”; the glorious “Peggy Sue” percussives of “I Want You Back”;  the “wow, remember when Blur were brilliant” mischief of “Harmony Lies”….

A crash course in the history of pop, then?  Kinda sorta, but so much more than that.  Rather, Debutante is one of those records that you suddenly realize you’ve been wanting to hear forever.

In places, yes, it’s grown-up glam in the same gorgeous (and gorgeously moving) fashion as Bowie’s …hours….  

In others, it’s the sound of the sixties seen through the prism of too many broken promises… angry Motown, maybe, or broken-hearted Brill.

But in others, it’s all the delights and dreams that flocked to replace those first shattered hopes, and that’s the mood that explodes from Debutante.  Celebrate the past, but soar with the present.  Yes, Debutante bristles with so many shared heritages that you can spot a listener’s personal preferences by the acts and albums they compare it with.

But more than all of that, it is thrillingly original, astonishingly delivered, and pot-holed with more magical moments than a lot of people fit into an entire career.